SENERGY is a music programme designed for children and young people with Special Education Needs.

Our educators, who have years of experience in the area of special education, will design a course tailored to the young people in your school, which will build on the fundamental principles of the NCCA Guidelines for Educating children with SEN.

In celebrating the diversity of young people, we will adapt our content and delivery to actively engage the participants of each group at their own experiential, interest and ability levels.   

Music is a key communicative tool for people with special needs and this programme will allow its participants to experience the joy of playing and responding to music in a group setting.

Music Generation Galway County offers programmes of varying lengths to suit different terms and all eventualities. Feel free to contact us for details of our one-day 'Taster' session, a 5 week pre-summer programme or a full school-term music programme