Calling all aspiring drummers in Athenry, Ballinasloe and An Spidéal… Children, Young People, Adults & Groups can tap into weekly community drum programmes!

A new percussion programme, known as PULSE, will be offered to children, young people, adults and groups attached to communities in Spiddal, Ballinasloe and Athenry from November and will be overseen by staff from GRETB’s Music Generation and Community Education programmes.

These percussion programmes will utilise the instrument bank (known as Gaillimh) which was gifted to GRETB/Music Generation by Galway 2020 as part of its legacy programme. This percussion bank is currently being used across a variety of contexts as part of Music Generation’s performance music education programmes with support from Galway Culture Company.

As part of these community drum programmes, individual groups will learn specific percussion parts and later as part of a large-scale collaborative performance they will unite with their counterparts from other parts of the county. It is envisaged that the amalgam will give rise to a powerful percussion performance from the extended ensemble. 

GRETB’s Community Education programme works with Community Groups including Men’s Sheds, Women’s Groups, Community Development Groups, Active Retired Groups, Migrant, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Groups, Disability Groups, Traveller Groups, Homeless Groups and LGBT Groups. If you are attached to such a group and want to get involved, feel free to let us know.

Separately, the PULSE workshops will also be delivered to groups of children and young people (from ages 8-18 years).

Improves coordination, concentration & listening skills. Stimulates the mind. Promotes physical activity & allows for non-verbal emotional release.

The following are details of the 3 different programmes:

An Spidéal… 

Venue: GRETB Media Training Centre (H91 N524)

Day: Mondays

Children & young people’s programme: 6pm-6.45pm

Adult programme: 7pm-7.45pm


Venue: Coláiste an Eachréidh (H65 WD54)

Day: Tuesdays 

Children & young people’s programme: 6pm-6.45pm

Adult programme: 7pm-7.45pm


Venue: Ballinasloe Town Hall Theatre (H53 A2N7)

Day: Wednesdays 

Children & young people’s programme: 7:15pm-8pm

Adult programme: 8:15pm-9pm

Psychologists at Oxford University have found, the endorphin-filled act of drumming increases positive emotions and leads people together in a more cooperative fashion.

Josh Jones, Open Culture​