Music Production & Technology Programme

an introduction to music technology

PROTEK is a Music Technology programme for Transition Year students delivered by Music Generation Galway County. This programme is designed to introduce students to the basics of music recording, editing and production while using production software. No prior musical ability or experience is required. While utilising technology, students will later engage in a song writing process which will allow each student to produce their own track by the end of the programme.



Students will learn the basics of music theory, beat keeping, tempo, dynamics, improvisation and song writing while using technology .

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) skills

Students will be taught the principles of DAW and recording software, MIDI instruments, recording techniques and audio editing and production.

Social and Personal Development

Creativity and team work is always a hallmark of this programme. As with all Music Generation programmes there will also be a clear focus on enjoyment and participation for all those involved.

Feel free to contact us for details of our one-day 'Taster' sessions, a 5 week pre-summer programme or full school-term music programmes.