Mind 4 Music

A performance music education programme for primary schools - Juniors/Seniors & 1st Class

A flexible musicianship and instrumental tuition programme designed to inspire young musicians. It will instil a love and understanding of music in the minds of students at a young age.

MIND-4-MUSIC is designed to introduce junior, senior and first class children to the basics of musicianship. The principles of music theory, notation and rhythm are taught through games using body percussion and small percussion instruments. The tutor also uses orchestral instruments for demonstration purposes so that students can learn to differentiate between orchestral instruments at an early age.

This programme has a strong focus on fun and engagement with an emphasis on participation.

2nd/3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Classes

Having learned the fundamentals of musicianship by 2nd class, the students are provided with orchestral instruments (at no cost) and begin to learn to play. Young musicians will learn how to play together, develop coordination, dexterity, concentration and listening skills. The ultimate goal is for the school to have its own ensemble.

Do you envisage having an ORCHESTRA in your school in the future? Lay the foundation stones now through mind-4-music

This engaging programme will open the minds of young students to the world of music; initially through interactive musicianship and later through the joys of orchestral instrumental tuition.

Want your students to learn Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Trombone & more? Start here!

Music Generation Galway County offers programmes of varying lengths to suit different terms and all eventualities. Feel free to contact us for details of our one-day 'Taster' session, a 5 week pre-summer programme or a full school-term music programme.