Hum 'N' Strum

A performance music education programme for primary schools

Where fun is guaranteed!

The Ukulele Programme

The focus of the HUM ‘N’ STRUM programme is to allow children and young people to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of music performance. They do this while learning to play ukulele individually and collectively with their peers in a whole class setting. The accessibility of the ukulele as an instrument ensures that a joy and passion for music is instilled in the young performers from the get-go!

No humdrum here!

Given the restrictions on singing indoors during Covid-19, the students will initially get to hum their favourite songs as they strum along and are given the lyrics to rehearse at home! This means that a meaningful and exciting music programme can be undertaken, and later when the chords are known, and restrictions allow, the words will be added very simply and to great effect!

Each student is provided with a Ukulele!

Our HUM 'N' STRUM programme is designed to enhance and add value to the existing curriculum provision in primary schools.

Feel free to contact us for details of our one-day 'Taster' session, a 5 week pre-summer programme or a full school-term music programme.